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The Money Process

The Money Process

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Fortuna was the Roman Goddess of Fortune, Abundance, Happiness and Chance. Through the ages people have invoked Fortuna to imbue them with good luck and to bring them good fortune. Fortuna software was born out of our passionate belief that through knowledge and self-development, good fortune follows.

Proudly SA

Fortuna Software is a proudly South African Company.

Multi-Cam Master

Multi-Cam Master is an application developed in conjunction with a multi-camera director with extensive experience in multi-camera TV production. Finally the problems which plague so many multi-cam productions are a thing of the past. Using Multi-Cam Master it is now possible to co-ordinate script, camera blocking, timings and more.

Multi-Cam Master Multi-Camera Television production is a field of production that is notorious for being difficult to co-ordinate. The deadlines are usually tight - a live broadcast waits for nobody! And so making sure you are completely prepared is often a rush ... To further complicate the pre-production phase there are usually several people who need to provide input into the show, and co-ordinating what they are doing can be a nightmare.

How often have you arrived at a multi-cam shoot to find that every crew member has a different version of the script? Item numbers have been changed by an enthusiastic scriptwriter and so camera crew with scribbled camera cards (if they have any at all) are looking at the wrong item number. The director is confused about where VT's are meant to fit in, and the success of the show seems to rely on the ability of everyone to "busk".

Multi-Cam Master provides the ability for several people to work simultaneously on a show. A producer is able to adjust the structure of a show at the same time as a scriptwriter works on the words. A director can plot camera shots, and not have to start from scratch if the producer decides to change the sequence of events. After working on a show Multi-Cam Master guides the user through the process of synchronising their work with a Master file - so that everybody is kept up-to-date, and knows that they are working on the correct version of the show - the latest one!

Printing professional, clear camera cards is as easy as clicking a button. Presenter's cue cards are similarly not a problem - cue cards which are individualised to each presenter. Never again face the terror of a multi-camera television show without being thoroughly prepared. Multi-Cam Master provides the professional solution to creating a professional production!

Multi-Cam Master is presently in Beta Testing - which means that you can download and use the application completely FREE. Our only requirement is that you feed back to us any problems, so that we can fix them! Please go to the Multi-Cam Master home page to download the application.