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The Money Process

The Money Process

RSS Slideshow

RSS Slideshow


Fortuna was the Roman Goddess of Fortune, Abundance, Happiness and Chance. Through the ages people have invoked Fortuna to imbue them with good luck and to bring them good fortune. Fortuna software was born out of our passionate belief that through knowledge and self-development, good fortune follows.

Proudly SA

Fortuna Software is a proudly South African Company.

Fortuna Software

Fortuna Software provides specialist software solutions which distil the experience and knowledge of experts into software packages that are affordable and easy to use.

Fortuna Software operates under the principle of "shareware", which means that our software is sold on a license basis. That means there are no huge fees to be paid in advance, and you only pay for the software for as long as you have a use for it. All our software applications come with a free 1-month trial, so that you are able to decide whether the software suits your needs before spending any money.

Multi-Cam Master

Multi-Cam Master is the professional's tool for the pre-production of multi-camera Television shows.

Multi-Cam Master Multi-Cam Master is an application developed in conjunction with a multi-camera director with extensive experience in multi-camera TV production. Finally the problems which plague so many multi-cam productions are a thing of the past. Using Multi-Cam Master it is now possible to co-ordinate script, camera blocking, timings and more.

RSS Slideshow

RSS Slideshow is a program developed in conjunction with soma Productions. It creates a visually appealing slideshow of the latest rss news items of your choice.

RSS Slideshow RSS Slideshow is a control-panel style program which allows the user to choose rss news feeds, and then compile the news items into a slideshow which can be accessed by anyone they choose. The slideshow could be provided on an intranet network, or on a public website. People entitled to access the slideshow are then able to enjoy the visually appealing presentation of the latest news items. RSS Slideshow is available only to clients of soma Productions.